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McKiel Stoneworks

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"Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it"

- Michelangelo

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The beauty of a masonry structure requires maintenance.  The goal of true masonry restoration is to bring things back to a state of beauty and sound structure.  In a job well done, the difference between repair and original should be imperceptible, whether it be a brick and stone stoop, exterior cladding, or stone foundations.



Stone, brick, and mortar can combine to create anything, between the most traditional formal structure and a whimsical landscape accent. Almost as ancient as dry stonework, the combination of stone and fire can take the shape of a fire pit, interior or exterior fireplace or brick bread/pizza oven


The ancient art of dry stonework (assembling stone structures with no binding or mortar) is a practice in understanding the balance and nature of materials.  Whether the stone is used in a winding pathway, a backyard patio bordered by sitting walls, or a meandering Irish landscape wall, Respect for the materials and attention to details should always shine through.

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